Tori Telfer's Book Events

Tori Telfer's book events.

7:30 PM19:30

WORD Presents Anna Snoekstra and Tori Telfer (BROOKLYN, NY)

At WORD Bookstore in Brooklyn. Event description:

“Everyone does bad things when no one is watching, and no one captures that more aptly than Anna Snoekstra. Her thrillers are known for being intense, unique, and utterly creepy, able to paint portraits of human desperation with terrifying accuracy (and the occasional edge of freaky dolls). In her twisted third novel, The Spite Game, Snoekstra further unnerves readers, telling the story of a girl bullied in high school whose favorite game is exacting sweet, vicious revenge. Join us in Brooklyn as Anna discusses her new book with fellow writer Tori Telfer, known for her nonfiction book Lady Killers. 


Anna Snoekstra is the bestselling Australian author of Only Daughter and Little Secrets. Her short films and music videos have screened around the world. Find her on instragram @snoekstra


Tori Telfer is the author of Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History, and the host of the podcast Criminal Broads. She has a serial killer anecdote for every occasion. Find her on Instagram @tori__telfer.”

Facebook event here!

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7:00 PM19:00

Let’s Talk About Criminal Broads (Chicago)

Lady grifters. Evil queens. Murderesses. Women who commit crimes are a fascinating subculture—statistically rare, frequently forgotten, but then when things get really gory, they’re suddenly turned into legends (Lizzie Borden, anyone?). Why are we drawn to female criminals? What can lead a woman to kill? How does gender play out in the world of true crime? And which female criminals are you obsessed with?

Event info here!!

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7:00 PM19:00

Panel for Aspiring Writers at Pilsen Community Books (Chicago)

Event description: "TORI TELFERMARYSE MEIJER & YTASHA WOMACK. A panel for aspiring writers! We're inviting some of our favorite local writers and all-around great human beings into the shop for a panel discussion on the practicalities of writing for a living and getting published. We've noticed that all three of them have some great gems of wisdom from their experience writing and we thought all of you would love if they'd share."

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7:00 PM19:00

Reading at The Book Catapult (San Diego, CA)

Author Tori Telfer will be at The Book Catapult on Thursday, March 1st at 7:00pm to discuss and sign her book Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History. 

“Telfer proves that you can stab, poison, and suffocate the predictable tropes about female killers and still write something salacious and entertaining.” -Caitlin Doughty, author of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and From Here to Eternity

“With a breezy tone and sharp commentary, Telfer draws out the tired stereotypes with just enough wit and humor to make the topic of female murderers enjoyable.” -Publishers Weekly

Event date: 

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 7:00pm

Event address: 

3010-B Juniper Street

San Diego, CA 92104

For more information, check out

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6:00 PM18:00

Reading at Bucket O' Blood Books and Records (Chicago)

From the Facebook event:

"We are celebrating cold-blooded killers during the icy cold month of January! Join us for a darkly delightful discussion with author Tori Telfer, whose new book "Lady Killers" investigates female serial killers and their crimes through the ages. Though largely forgotten by history, female serial killers such as Erzsébet Báthory, Nannie Doss, Mary Ann Cotton, and Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova rival their male counterparts in cunning, cruelty, and appetite for destruction. 
Copies of the book will be available for sale/signing.
Light refreshments provided; BYOB encouraged."

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7:00 PM19:00

Conversation and Podcast Recording at Pilsen Community Books

"Lumpen Radio's books and literature show Eye94 pops up at Pilsen Community Books for a night with author Tori Telfer! The boys will interview Telfer about her new book "Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History" for broadcast on WLPN 105.5 FM. Seating is extremely limited at these events." Facebook info here. 

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