Tori Telfer's Clips

Tori Telfer's clips.


My first book, LADY KILLERS: Deadly Women Throughout History (Harper Perennial, 2017) is available now wherever books are sold.


What Do We Make of a Female Active Shooter? —The Atlantic 

Why Do We Think All Serial Killers Wear the Same Glasses? — Racked (also featured in Guardian Selects!)

The Internet's Erzsébet Báthory Obsession — CrimeReads

How the “Heart Balm Racket” Convinced America That Women Were Up to No Good — Smithsonian

Confessions From Your Yoga Instructor: On the Perils of the Workout-Industrial Complex — Woolly

When Dream Analysts Dream, What Do They Dream About? — The Establishment

Female Serial Killers Are More Common Than You Think — LitHub

What Life is Like Once You Stop Producing Trash — Medium


Damned Souls and How to Write About Them is my column for Medium's subscription-only vertical. There are five parts live right now: 1) on religion + murder, 2) on grumpy women + murder, 3) on the bystander effect + all of us, 4) on sexualizing murderesses, and 5) on Ted Bundy.

Old-School Show-Offs was my column for The Awl exploring forgotten memoirs written by rakish individuals. Here's the first installment, on the 17th-century "lieutenant nun" Catalina de Erauso. Here's the second installment, on the father-avenging gunslinger Frank Eaton. Here's the third installment, on a bold turn-of-the-century dame called the "greatest living woman thief" by the newspapers. Here's the fourth, on the loneliness of the female nihilist

Lady Killers was my column on the Hairpin and Jezebel. It covered the serial killers Erzsebet Bathory and The Marquise de Brinvilliers (the Hairpin) and Mary Ann Cotton and Tillie Klimek (on Jezebel).


For Vice, I've written about crushed artistic dreamspeople who call themselves "multiples,"Johnny Depp Impersonators, people who wish they were blind, and boring EDM festivals. I also wrote an article about a model who lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome that went viral.

For GOOD, I've written about emotional labor and profiled the astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz.

For Salon, I've written about the loneliest thread on the internet and Robin Williams' secret life as a video gamer.

My writing has been featured on Longform three times, but I'm always gunning for a fourth.