Half a Year: Photos

I bought a Moleskine planner today. (It's a thing.) I cleaned out my camera. My new planner starts July 1st. While in limbo, I thought I'd look back on this first half of the year. This is a totally skewed portrait, since I never had my rather bulky DSLR at any of the many FABULOUS, STUDIO 54-WORTHY parties I've gone to, nor do I have screenshots of the MILLIONS OF GROVELING EMAILS begging me for a lock of my hair, but I like these photos nonetheless. What has this half-a-year been like? I couldn't say. Some of it was a melancholy blur. A small part of it was spent blissfully cracked out on that elusive beast, writing inspiration. A little bit of it was spent careening through the air in a metal tube that runs on jet fuel--a terrifying activity that I hope to do more of in the fall. A lot of it was spent dancing and drinking. Many decibels of this year were expended in honor of my polygamous husbands, the BLACKHAWKS, STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS 2013. But what was it? What would I name this half-a-year, if I were Adam and God was asking me to give everything a name? I would say, "I don't know." And then I would ask God his thoughts on East of Eden, a freakishly good book...I think. JANUARY: San Diego, LA, Bloomington (or: home, kindreds, grad school)

California etc 375 California etc 379 California etc 128 California etc 267 Bloomington 029

FEBRUARY: reading, coffee, Valentine's hair, Chicago

IMG_1940 IMG_1947IMG_2017 me&r IMG_2089 IMG_2166

MARCH: Spring, Easter

IMG_2202 IMG_2260

APRIL: Cohort

IMG_2361 IMG_2375

MAY: Moving, writing, Colombia (PS: MORE PICTURES COMING SOON), existential despair

IMG_2455 IMG_2463 colombiachaosIMG_2558 IMG_2570IMG_2515

JUNE: Farmer's markets, hustling

IMG_2740 IMG_2758 IMG_2812 IMG_2827 IMG_2828